Could Salsiccia be

the perfect pizza topping?




Italian Sausage - A brief taste of rural Italian food


There’s an old Italian saying:

La cucina piccola fa la casa grande!
The small kitchen makes the big house!

For an Italian, the kitchen is the centre of the family, a place of love, life, and shared spirit. The kitchen is the place that brings everyone together, where families sit and eat, rich or poor, and spend time together. A place to combine the two great loves of Italy; food and family.


Right at the heart of Italian family life, you will find Salsiccia, Italian Sausage. A staple of every kitchen from Lombardy to Sicily, there are hundreds of local variations of the Italian sausage, with each having its own romantic blend of herbs and spices.


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A gorgeous fusion of herbs and spices.


Most traditional Salsiccia’s are freshly made using ground pork butt, preferred for its perfect ratio of meat to fat, strongly seasoned with fennel seeds or pollen, or anise found around the Mediterranean region.


Italian sausage is usually served in hot, mild or sweet varieties. Hot Salsiccias contain either cayenne or red peppers, while sweet Salsiccias are prepared with a touch of sweet basil.


Other spices are blended together and added to the sausage mixture, such as coriander, basil, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, cilantro and thyme.


A splash of white wine is infused into the mixture before frying and garnishing with some delectable chopped parsley or red onion.


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The many recipes of Salsiccia.


The natural beauty of Italian sausage is its versatility. Italian families have for hundreds of years included their sausage meats in many of their family recipes.


Spicy meatballs, creamy Broccoli soups, spicy tomato ragu, sweet potato lasagnas. The is no end to how you can improve a recipe using Italian sausage meat.


The very best way to enjoy Italian sausage, without doubt, is on a crisply baked pizza served with grilled peppers, some ricotta cheese and Sicilian tomato sauce.


A soft herbaceous scent of fennel gentle draws you towards the lightly crumbled sausage mix and towards that first bite.


The taste and texture of the Salsiccia perfectly complement the well browned and crispy base, inviting you to take just one more bite.


One thing we have to give the Italians, they certainly know their food

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