What we do


At MaMeMi we want to give you the opportunity to live through a unique experience, based on the combination of pizza and wine.


At the core of everything we do is the traditional Roman pizza combined with unconventional ingredients and a large collection of organic Italian wines, which are carefully selected through intense research of the producers and the territory, in order to create a distinctive Umami, which can only be found at MaMeMi.


The most fundamental element that differentiates MaMeMi is its dough. A dough that is inspired by a long-lived pizza tradition, distinctive to Rome, which means that the pizza you'll find at MaMeMi is characterized by its thin structure, that crunches pleasantly under your teeth.


The crunchiness is a result of specific kneading techniques and a secret mix of five organic flours, which we source from Italian micro mills. The Pizza at MaMeMi is the result of years of experience, research and practice of baking and the unbridled desire to convey pleasant and unique emotions through food.  



Wine is the second pillar of MaMeMi. It is the desire to challenge the traditional idea that pizza must be accompanied by a beer. Therefore MaMeMi has set on a journey in search of hundreds of Italian producers, who work their historic vineyards with their heart and soul in it, focusing not only on the high quality of the wine but also environmentally friendly farming practices.


You will find a wine list that exceeds four hundred labels and we are prepared to tell you the story behind each and every one of them. Not only about the characteristics, notes and properties, but also let you become a part of the life stories of the artisans, who produce the wine, as most of them we have met in person. We strongly believe that knowing the people behind the labels can create mystical notes in your glass, leaving you with unforgettable sensations and memories.


Our wine farmers are devoted to respecting the land and use very few and in many cases no chemicals in their production. They work with organic, biodynamic and natural practices, which include no selected yeast and no fertilizers, allowing the wine to be expressed at its best.


At MaMeMi we strongly believe in choosing only native grapes from each wine region. We want to offer you a collection of wines that are the truest representation of the beauty of their origin, reflecting the local grape varieties and the terroir to which they belong.



The founders


The founders of Mamemi are, Daniel Dii Pierro, Danilo Barletta and Francesco Barletta - two brothers and a cousin, who grew up together in a small town, not so far away from Rome. After having spent their whole childhood together, they decided to go their separate ways to study, work and experience the food and wine around the world.


Daniel became an expert in hospitality and management control, Danilo found his passion in wine and became a certified Sommelier and Francesco devoted his path to becoming a connoisseur of baking.


In 2014, after so many years apart, they all find themselves living together in Copenhagen and it is here that they decide to embark on an ambitious journey together. And thus they joined forces and lay the foundations of Mamemi - a place, which unites their childhood memories and work experiences from around the world with a determination to bring the best pizza and wine to Copenhagen!