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Italy's most favourite pizza can now be at your Copenhagen home in minutes



Have you ever tasted an authentic Roman-style pizza?


Roman-style pizza is a unique blend of traditional dough-kneading, cooking techniques and carefully chosen ingredients that together bring one of the most beloved pizzas in Italy to life.



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Do you know what the Roman Crust is?


The most distinct characteristic of the Roman-style pizza is the crunchiness of the dough.

At MaMeMi, we achieve the Roman Crust by using the authentic ingredients and organic flours imported from Italy together with the special techniques of dough preparation.






Why have we chosen to make the traditional Roman pizza at MaMeMi?


The answer is simple! This is what we do best!
The founders of Pizzeria MaMeMi were born and raised in Rome, growing up learning how to keep the tradition of Roman-style pizza-making alive, passionate to share the amazing tastes of this unique pizza with the world.


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